Pilgrimage to Paraguay with Thrivent Builds and Habitat for Humanity

Construyendo con Habitat Paraguay DSC00765 - Copy DSC01003 - Copy DSC01045 - Copy DSC01323 - Copy Alegria y Honestidad DSC01331 DSC01349 DSC01351 DSC01464 DSC01466 DSC01179 - Copy DSC01026 - Copy DSC01272 - Copy DSC01301 - Copy DSC01322 - Copy DSC01326 - Copy DSC01363 DSC01358 DSC00979 DSC01496 DSC01546 DSC01665 DSC01716 DSC01761 DSC01762 DSC01783 DSC01792 DSC01796 DSC01801 DSC01816 DSC01826 DSC01837 DSC01887 DSC01264 - Copy DSC01906


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