Praying the Scriptures

The Saint Paul Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America hosted a Tool Kit for Congregational Leaders at St. Mark’s Lutheran in North Saint Paul in 2015. The event featured extended conversation with Bishop Lull, networking opportunities with leaders from congregations throughout this synod, and workshops with information specific to Christian leadership. Samuel Rahberg and S. Carol Rennie OSB led a break-out called Praying the Scriptures.

The Rule of St. Benedict has endured for centuries, not only because it offers a vision of life rooted in Scripture and refined by the experience of life in community, but because it relies on a sense of God’s presence in everyday life. Today, individuals and faith communities alike can continue to draw from the timeless wisdom of Benedictine values and practices. At its heart, that means learning to pray the Scriptures with others and alone, through which the Spirit forms us to the mind of Christ and helps us respond in faith to the grace of God. Participants in this event gained experience with this practice, tools for use with others, and ideas which stirred continued conversations.


  • Benedictine values and practices are rooted in biblical spirituality.
  • Of values such as awareness of God, moderation, respect for persons, and truthful living, which are you being called to live more deeply?
  • See a list of Benedictine Values with reflection questions.
  • Walter Brueggemann suggests that every Psalm relates to at least one of three dimensions to the human experience:
    • Orientation—attitude of equilibrium
    • Dis-orientation—driven to the edge of humanness
    • Re-orientation—surprising intrusion of God making all things new.
  • See the handout Psalms: Orientation, Dis-orientation, Re-orientation
  • Explore 5 Ways to Pray the Psalms
  • Praying the Scriptures is a sustained conversation with God through the text, as the Spirit forms us to the likeness of Christ.
  • Over time, everyone settles into their own pattern of conversation with God. Some ways of praying the Scriptures include memorizing, journaling, creative excercises, and praying the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • To get a feel for the slow and steady process, see the Poem: Learning Lectio From An Old Welsh Cow.

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