Reader’s Poem: Letters to a Young Poet

book cover "Letters to a Young Poet"

Go into yourself.

Works of art are of an
infinite solitude.
Try to love
the questions themselves
and not lose too much
time or courage in clarifying,
for what is happening
is worthy of your
entire love.
Perhaps what frightens you
is helpless
and wants your love.

Act as the unique,
being you are.

Rainer Maria Rilke. Letters to a Young Poet. Merchant Books, 2012. Reader’s poem by Samuel Rahberg.

After I finish a good read and before I tuck it away on the shelf, I like to spend some time summarizing what was most important to me. I use the author’s own words, varied only slightly, and follow the themes that speak most strongly to me at this time. The example below remains a summary and serves only as my own interpretation, so I take responsibility for any deviation from the author’s original intent. Even so, may it be a helpful reflection for others and an encouragement to read a fine book in its entirety.


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