Role Models and Resources: Harvesting Nature’s Wisdom

Thankfully, role models and resources abound. Poets, painters, teachers, farmers, and community leaders continue to explore new and important ways to, as I might name it, live and pray in relationship to God and creation. We are inspired by people and movements like these because the values they represent are contagious. I am encouraged to see how quickly people from all over the world can identify even more examples of such innovation. While I cannot endorse each example from personal experience, I do respect the diversity of thought and practice they represent. These role models and resources were initially identified by participants at the 2017 Spiritual Directors International Conference in Toronto. There I led a workshop called Into the Woods: Harvesting Nature’s Wisdom for Listening and Leading.

I hope you will explore these ideas and find examples that are especially close to you, whether by location or conviction. Study the stories and let them inspire your own reflection about the role models and resources that help you harvest nature’s wisdom. Then take a moment to comment below or email so that we might keep expanding this list together. May we all become such role models and resources to others!

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center stem of green plant with white stripesModel Organizations

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Other Role Models and Resources

Dan Siegel (

Paula D’Arcy (

Maureen Wild (

More from Samuel Rahberg . . .

Enduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership. (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2017).

The Gospel of John in Poem and Image with Natalie Rahberg. (Saint Paul: Aetos Publications, 2016).

The Way Forward: A Collection of Benedictine Inspirations by Victor Klimoski, edited by Samuel Rahberg. (Saint Paul: Aetos Publications, 2014).

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