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Samuel Rahberg


Samuel serves the Christian Church by supporting its leaders. He creates experiences and resources that help lay and ordained men and women meet the challenges of ministry, learn from them, and become more effective Christian leaders.

Through spiritual direction, individual and group ministerial reflection, and writing, Sam companions Christian leaders as they re-discover the sense of calling and giftedness at the heart of Christ-centered ministry. Learn more…


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cover of Enduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership" by Samuel (Sam) Rahberg

Enduring Ministry: Toward A Lifetime of Christian Leadership

by Samuel Rahberg

For many Christian leaders, the experience of ministry includes enough conflict and disappointment to soon wear off the patina of one’s initial enthusiasm. And yet relief and renewal seems too often out of reach. What happens in this season of ministry is more than a matter of whether or not a Christian leader can persist. Can a Christian engage the call to maturity at the juncture of discipleship and leadership? Enduring Ministry is designed for those who seek a more durable way forward, one that is infused with grace and inspired by good mission.

In Enduring Ministry, Samuel Rahberg draws on insights from the monastic tradition, the ministry of spiritual direction, and the experience of Christian leadership to support and empower leaders for continued ministries in the church, helping experience a shift from merely enduring to lasting, effective, and vibrant Christian leadership.

The Gospel of Luke in Poem and Image

by Samuel Rahberg and the artist Natalie Rahberg

“That you may know . . .” (Luke 1:4)

From the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, readers hear the passion and focus of an evangelist who, like the resurrected Jesus accompanying disciples on the road to Emmaus, illuminates minds until hearts burn within. Ninety-seven reader’s poems alongside twenty-eight original pieces of art printed in full color offer an inviting first read to those new to the Gospel and fresh perspective to those long familiar with its themes. Natalie is a working artist in McKinney, TX.

The Gospel of Mark in Poem and Image

by Samuel Rahberg and the artist Natalie Rahberg

“Truly this man was God’s Son!” (Mark 15:39)

In sixteen action-packed chapters, the Gospel of Mark makes haste to convince readers of the good news of Jesus Christ. This collection combines ninety-one reader’s poems by Samuel Rahberg, with twenty-seven original pieces of art by his sister Natalie Rahberg, sharing with others the fruits of their own prayer. May each reader be led back to the Christ revealed in the Gospel of Mark. Natalie is a working artist in McKinney, TX.

The Gospel of John in Poem and Image

by Samuel Rahberg and the artist Natalie Rahberg

“In the beginning was the Word . . .”

The Gospel of John opens with rich poetic imagery and unfolds into twenty-one chapters full of symbols and signs that point to Jesus Christ as truly human and truly divine. This collection of fifty-six reader’s poems, combined with twenty-six original pieces of art printed in full-color, offers an inviting first read to those new to the Gospel and fresh perspective to those long familiar with its themes. May each reader be led back to the Christ revealed in the Gospel of John. Natalie Rahberg is a working artist in McKinney, TX.

The Way Forward: A Collection of Benedictine Inspirations

by Victor Klimoski, edited by Samuel Rahberg

We must listen well to those who truly encourage and inspire us, especially those who, by their presence and their authenticity, consistently extend to us the invitations we need to become more deeply who we are. The Way Forward (Aetos Publications, 2014) is a selection of lifetime educator Victor Klimoski’s writings, edited by Samuel Rahberg and featuring seven original poems. The reflections have their roots sunk deep in monastic spirituality. Those new to Benedictine wisdom will encounter the invitation to move closer to a discerning life guided by the Gospel. For those who already know well the Benedictine Way, these prayerful readings demonstrate the application of monastic values and provide encouragement for the long journey.

Illuminating Ministry: A Journal, Volume 3

edited by Victor Klimoski and Barbara Sutton, chapter on “Listening” by Samuel Rahberg

Illuminating Ministry (Liturgical Press, 2014) provides an opportunity for church leaders and those in ministerial formation to engage in community and prayer. By focusing on seven distinct charisms or values of Benedictine spirituality and basing its prayer movement on lectio divina, this journal inspires theological reflection on one’s own life and ministry. Illuminating Ministry, which promotes spiritual companioning in groups, becomes an exceptional tool for exploring and renewing one’s call to ministry.

Personal and Group Consultation

For centuries Christians have helped each other pay attention to the presence of God. If something is leading you to consider spiritual direction, trust that the Spirit is already at work. Discernment? Transition? Deepening discipleship?

The greatest preparation for ministry is attention to the spiritual formation of the Christian leader. Whether for individuals or teams, all clarity of calling and purposeful courage emerges from that prayerful and Christ-centered grounding.

In a world overflowing with resources and opportunities, how do we help Christian disciples notice and engage in experiences that truly enrich their spiritual lives? Draw on Samuel’s experience in parish and retreat based ministries.

Those engaged in the ministry of spiritual direction respect the sacred privilege and responsibility of their role by participating in some form of ongoing supervision. Samuel is available for one-on-one supervision.

Sample Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Retreats and Days of Reflection

Prayer and Community: The Benedictine School of Spirituality (Franciscan Spirituality Center, La Crosse)

Praying the Scriptures (Toolbox for Congregational Leaders, St. Paul Area Synod-ELCA)

The Word Made Flesh: Practicing Incarnational Spirituality (St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Edina)

Workshops on Effective Christian Leadership, Ministerial Wellness

I’ve Worked My Spirit to Death Religiously…Now What? (Mid-Winter Convocation, Luther Seminary)

Great Conversation: How Do Our Limits Set Us Free? (Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery)

Ministry as a Pilgrimage of Identity (Lutheran Deaconess Community in Mpls/St. Paul region)

Presentations on Spiritual Practice, Tending the Call to Ministry

Attentive Companions: An Introduction to Spiritual Direction (The Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery)

Benedict’s Genius for Spiritual Direction (Sacred Ground Spirituality Center, Saint Paul)

Visio Divina: Praying through Lent with The Saint John’s Bible (The Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery)


Sam brings a creative energy to any team, always receptive to new ideas and perspectives. He is able to maintain a balanced perspective in times of uncertainty, drawing out the positive potential hidden in the situation. Sam is one who unfailingly affirms the sacred presence in the people he encounters. His leadership style is based upon the spiritual wisdom he values, and is rooted in the Gospel message that he lives.
Jim BarolZephyrware
Sam is an enthusiastic professional who is always eager to satisfy the needs of our group, whether using creative solutions, or providing quality service that usually exceeds our expectations. He exudes warmth and a quick wit combined with intelligence and common sense. Sam is in the 1% of the population that really "listens well," and is able to articulate his insights in such a positive way, that people leave his presence feeling exceedingly hopeful, no matter how discouraged they may have been. I am confident Sam would provide quality service and excellent team leadership in any environment he chooses.
LeAnn Linder-ScholerCareer and Life Planning
Sam, a thoughtful leader and aspiring naturalist, peppered our fly fishing adventure with inspired poetry and spiritual readings. They invited reflection and beautifully synced with the day's mood, deeply enriching my own experience. I felt blessed and renewed.
Dyan WestmanArtist
Sam has an amazing ability to lead a ministry from a spiritual basis as well as a practical basis. He not only understands the Benedictine charism, he lives it and practices it every day. Sam is always open to hearing other ideas and is not afraid to ask others for their input. He has excellent oral and written communication skills. I would not hesitate to hire Sam. Besides being trustworthy and hardworking, he has a great sense of humor.
Sam has a strong sense for ministry and direction within the framework of Lutheran theology and The Rule of St. Benedict. Sam is able to draw gifts from others and help them to use those gifts in a meaningful way.